Sunday, October 21, 2012

Films & "Sacred" Time

Favorite Films
1. Hitch
2. Pan's Labryinth
3. Battle of Los Angeles

"Sacred" Time
     New Year's Eve is a holiday my family celebrates because it is not an oridnary day. It is a celebration of the new year that is to come and we do that with food, drinks, and music. Chaos forms as fireworks are lit. Norms are broken as young children stay up late and everyone dresses up in a fancy outfit. Once the new year comes couples share a new year's kiss and everyone celebrates to bring the new year in.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Is a Woman" by Lampchop-Video Analysis

       In the video, one can see seasonal changes. These seasonal changes go through a cycle from death to birth or life and vice versa.  The video starts out in the winter, symbolizing death and shows a transition into spring. Spring, symbolizing a new life, can be seen at the end of the video in a form of a tree, as it itself symbolizes life. Also in the video, once can also a leaf transitioning from winter to spring as it starts out a brown reddish color and once it has placed itself on a tree it is now green and full of life.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Celestial Model & Sacred Centers

Meaning: fairy queen; short form of Tatiana, a queen of fairies from Shakespeare's "A mid-summer's night dream"

One of my sacred centers would have to be my family. My family is more than a mom and brothers; they are the people that give me strength, joy, hope. My family is a place where I can find comfort in this chaotic world.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Song Analysis

       In the song “The River,” Bruce Springsteen uses the symbols and archetypes of river, swimming, and youth to express the theme of life’s disappointments. According to Stevens, “the river is also an obstacle to migration” (11). At first swimming in the river was a “feeling [of being] at home” but through life’s disappointments swimming turned into a “horror of being overwhelmed” (Stevens 421). A child is a symbol of youth: “The child points to the future and carries within itself the seeds of its own maturity and completion” (Stevens 240).

Friday, September 21, 2012

Ariadne's Clue

" Like all psychobiological capacities, symbol formation has an adaptive function: it promotes our grasp on reality. It enables us not just to adapt passively to reality but to master it, to adjust reality to our needs" 
(Stevens 16).

"All our archetypal patterns of thought, feelings, symbolism, and behavior are present and expressed in us because of the contribution they made to the fitness of past generations" (Stevens 28).

"What is inherited is not archetypal image of snake per se, but an archetypal predisposition to perceive danger in a configuration of snakelike characteristics---something long, sinuous, and slithery, with fangs, and forked and flicking tongue" (Stevens 31).

"That a symbol signifies, in Jung's phrase, 'something more and other than itself which eludes our present knowledge' is what endows it with fascination and power" (Stevens 13).

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Being Watched

            My younger brother and I always joke around about our similar appearances and even call ourselves twins. We say that we have a sixth sense, and we can tell what the other one is thinking. One night I went to sleep not knowing if I would dream or not, but I did end up dreaming that I was at school. In my dream I was talking to my friend, I kept getting this sensation that someone behind me was staring at me, and the person would not go away. I decided to turn around in my dream and as I also turned around in my bed to face my door, I woke up. There was my brother staring at me. He had silently opened the door, walked in, and had not said a thing.